Types of Keys

Double Side Key

If your key looks like this.This is a side cut blade key. This is a basic transponder key.

High Security Key

If your key looks like this, your key is a high security laser cut transponder key, This key to have cut is normally priced higher than a regular side cut key because of the special cutting machine used to cut it.

Tibbe Key

This key is a unique hight security key normally used in jaguar,and ford. This key is a transponder key, meaning it has a chip inside of the black part that communicates to your car for it to start.

Basic Remote

This is your basic remote, separate from the key.

Non proximity key

This is a remote head key, a key with the remote integrated with the key. This key is also known as a flip blade key because with the press of a button on the key the blade that enters the ignition flips out.

Proximity Remote

If your key looks like this. You have a proximity remote. This key will start your car by pressing a button inside your car. The name proximity means your car will start as long as this remote is within the proximity of your vehicle.